It has been observed that most of the sales personnel including seasoned Senior level Sales Managers are  uncomfortable with the Stage of Sales process called Negotiation and many a times they lose a deal at this stage or end up offering more goodies then required .

We have developed a training program , where participants can create a matrix in their minds based on negotiation discussions and drive a WIN WIN  situation.


Our Training workshops are structured mix of Conceptual Frameworks, Management Tools along with lot of interactive sessions full of relevant Activities, Exercises and Roles Plays. These are aimed to enhance the requisite Skill level of the participants so as to have a positive impact on the organizational development and employee effectiveness.


STEP 1 : Pre Training Observations/ Discussions

  • Work with the HR team to understand the training objectives
  • Work with Management Team/ Line Managers to figure out the exact needs
  • Participant profile mapping
  • Study of the as-is process (if required)
  • Sharing the customized training outlay with the HR Team
  • Modifications, if necessary

STEP 2 :  Deliver Actual Trainings  (  2 days ) .

  • Discuss challenges faced by them on regular basis.
  • Participants immediately relate to the training / Trainer ( and not that they have come from any other planet and content as not academic but practical).
  • Solutions discussed are immediately actionable by the participants themselves.

STEP 3  : Post Training Feedback  ( after 15 – 30  days from actual Training)