As our tag line mention“We mind your Business”, all our training programs are designed and executed to improve business as we sincerely believe that we can get business only and only when we help client to increase their business as a result our training are not just a COST element but ENABLERS for business .

Our Training are completely customized with a blend of both functional and behavioral skill development and has three components

  1. Pre Training Activities
  2. Actual training
  • Online
  • Offline (CRTs & OJTs)


  1. Post training effectiveness measures

The following table illustrates the same

Pre Training Activities

a)   Understanding the working system & process by working with the front sales persons in the market.

b)   One to one discussion to analyses their current competencies

c)    Share our observations

Actual training   


As per the need of the client.

Post training effectiveness measures


Based on the action points agreed by the participants post training effectiveness is measured at regular intervals ( Quantitative & qualitative)