Sales growth consulting is our area of specialization based on the following principles

  • Additional Schemes / Discounting / Freebies / Sales promotional burst are not long term sales Strategies.
  • A medicine to cure all ailments – does not exist.
  • Adapting to new technologies is a must.
  • A Plan to succeed needs “ Acceptance from Executors”

We have developed anunique Sales DRIVE approach:

D : Discuss / Diagnostic 

We  have a detailed discussion with client’s leadership team to understand / Diagnose the current sales system and procedure starting from product mix , contribution of each products to top line and bottom line , Distribution , Communication , reporting structure , sales control mechanism , current spent on BTL & ATL and its effectiveness , Sales team competencies etc.

R  : Revenue Goal Setting

Based on the above observations / studies , we finalize  revenue goals within a specific timelines.

I  : Implementation plan

This a very detailed BLUEPRINT of market/ Geographical wise sales strategies as based on our past experience , the sales strategies varies from market to market as the current market share distribution infrastructure , customer base of the client is not the same across all markets

V  :Verification & validation

We value the time and Money of our clients so, before the rubber hits the road that is actual execution we ensure by verifying and validating the implementation plan suggested by us through time tasted method like pilot test, small group interaction, stake holder’s feedback etc.

 E  : Execution

We actively collaborate to ensure proper execution through joint market working ,  review and feedback mechanism , dash boards , highlight the frontrunners , support the lagers.