Some of our clients have completely outsourced their Sales operation  process to us and we undertake the following activities on their behalf

  1. End to end involvement in recruiting of Manpower.
  2. Train the manpower as per organization requirement.
  3. Day to day follow up with Sales team.
  4. Periodic review
  5. Distributor/ Channel partner appointment assistance.
  6. Designing of POSM materials.
  7. Designing and monitoring market schemes.
  8. Reporting and Feedback formats.
  9. Sales team incentive / R&R program designing.
  10. MRM ( Monthly review Meetings)
  11. Market working with sales team.

 The clients ensure the following.

  1. Recruit Sales team on their pay rolls.
  2. Conduct joining formalities and induction to make them aware of companies policies, code of conduct.
  3. Payments of Salaries / Expenses / incentives to Sales team on time.
  4. Attend MRM regularly.

Our professional fees for the above activities have

  1. A monthly fixed component.
  2. A variable component as percentage of business generated.