Assessment Centre and Development center

PACE – Performance assessment for Competency enhancement

PACE is a customized and comprehensive program designed by ASM’s management consultancy service.

Why PACE ?

  1. Organization vision mapped with current employee competency.
  2. Improve performance of employees.
  3. Assist in future recruitment based on compewtency mapped for each position through PACE.

Steps of PACE

  1. Diagnostics
  2. Assessment
  3. Analytics
  4. Implementation

Step 1  : Diagnostics

This is the 1st Step of PACE where the following activities are undertaken to ensure that it is relevant and completely customized for the organization

  1. Organization study and research.
  2. Job analysis and evaluation.
  3. Job Competency analysis.
  4. Level trait analysis.

Step 2  :  Assessment

On  the basis of information and observations during diagnostics , the 2nd step of PACE  is followed which is assessment , there are a series of activities which can be broadly categorized as .

  1. Form Design : level wise and functional area wise.
  2. Awareness & Training program : This is done to create clarity in understanding amongst employees , seamless and time bound execution.

Step 3 :  Analytics

The last &  3rd step of PACE is Analytics

  • Tabulation
  • Analysis – In analysis we recognize R1 ( the Current  competency level of the individual and compare the same with R3 ( organization expectation of competency for the position).
  • Submission of R2 (the gap between organization expectation and current competency level that is R3 – R1).
  • Propose PIP (Performance Improvement Plan).


In order to inculcate the desired competencies, we work out a detail implementation plan for each participants individually.

PACE has been highly appreciated for.

  1. Develop and add value to organization human capital.
  2. Employees improve their performance and expand their capabilities.
  3. Organization use this as a tool to consistently raise the level of performance.

Let’s initiate PACE to accelerate your organization’s growth